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Fanny Schultz is an freelancing illustrator and artist based in Stockholm. Throughout the years she has created book covers, wall paintings, illustrations for magazines, posters and logotypes for different clients. Mainly she finds inspiration in people and in nature, something that is evident in her work. She works with classic tools such as fineliners, acrylic and watercolor. In collaboration with our own brand, Low Key Goods, she has developed three independent motifs.


Painted with acrylic in a beautiful blue color. If you look close you can see the water patterns. Life is an androgynous form that represents inner strength, passion and safety.


Painted with fine liner and acrylic. The shape and color have had the greatest role to play in this motif, and Banana requires no deeper explanation than it is a beloved fruit which fits just as good for a snack as framed on a wall.

Ne Nocturna

Painted with acrylic and watercolor and digitally processed. The cheetah is a mysterious, powerful and independent animal that owns enormous self-esteem and elegance, and this poster fit perfectly to combine with poster Liv.

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