About Grandpa


About Grandpa


Through combining a carefully curated and always updated collection with our key values; service, atmosphere and inspiration, Grandpa Store offers a different way of shopping.

We strive to make a lasting positive impression, both in your home and on this planet. Always pressing on the importance of environmental responsibility, we speak openly and try our hardest to influence suppliers to produce as organically as possible and to set high standards and goals. Luckily we needn’t push hard, hardly even nudge.

This is a Scandinavian Life Store, we’ve been around since 2003. We hold 6 stores, one in Gothenburg, one in Malmö, three in Stockholm and www.grandpastore.com. Each one run by a tightly knit team that weaves together our Grandpa community and way of life.                    

About Grandpa

Grandpa opened its doors for the first time in the fall of -03, the idea came from three close friends Jonas, Martin and Anders and their many journeys around the world. Each time they came home to their beloved Stockholm the always found that something was missing, a kind of atmosphere.


They wanted to create something different, a place that was not anxious and where "different things could happen and different people could meet". They talked about hotels, restaurants, cafés and bars but the choice fell on the not so lucrative business idea of ​​opening a store.


The name Grandpa came long before the shop. The trio arranged a series of celebrations and happenings under the Grandpa name so when the store came to be the choice was obvious. The reason for the name is that Anders, while working at Cliff Barnes pub in Stockholm got the make-sense nickname Grandpa.  


With the somewhat unclear business idea "We want to be more than just a store" Grandpa has over the years developed both visually and professionally. And today the business is very different from what it was then, but one thing lives on stronger than ever, the fact Grandpa always puts inspiration, service and atmosphere first.

Today we have 6 stores: one in Gothenburg, one in Malmö, three in Stockholm and online www.grandpastore.com. Whether you visit us online or in any of our stores, you will soon notice that our strongest usp, cherry-on-top so to speak, is Team Grandpa. We breathe and live Scandinavian lifestyle with unique knowledge and 2 tons of personality.


We’re here for you!


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For high resolution images, email your request to press@grandpastore.com.


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Work at Grandpa

There are currently no vacancies available. However, we are always keen to meet people who would like to join our team. If you wish to be considered for any future positions, please send your CV and covering letter to work@grandpastore.com