Grandpa x Paradisverkstaden

We have collaborated with the ceramic studio Paradisverkstaden since 2019 when we joined forces and created a beautiful collection of ceramics. Four years later we decided to further develop previous designs and we are now proud to announce that we are launching a brand new collection where each product is entirely unique in its colouring.

The ceramics studio Paradisverkstaden was founded by Eva and Olof Paradis in 1975, on the Swedish island Öland. They produce everything from small items to larger sculptures and have become a popular attraction on the island. In addition to dropping by the studio, visitors can also attend various events and exhibitions at Paradisverkstaden - or enjoy a good meal in their café. Today, Eva and Olof’s daughters Hannah and Moa are primarily responsible for the company - but all family members are very much present and each of them has developed their own unique design language.

We love when you can truly sense the handcraft behind our products. Our simple and natural way of decorating the pieces creates a repetitive but playful pattern and when the lava spots in the clay react with the glaze they add yet another dimension to the design.

— Hannah Paradis, Designer at Paradisverkstaden

In our brand new collection, we maintain the same base and clear 60s influences as before but have added relief and a greater colour variation in the glaze of the products. In fact, each product has been glazed in its own unique shade -  in colours such as pink, oat, wood brown, and ochre. Thereby, each piece in the collection has a special look, yet the products harmonise in a soft and synchronized manner when grouped. They are clearly related to both each other and Grandpa - all characterized by the clay’s lava spots that emerge through the glaze.

The collection consists of seven different pieces that originate from the same type of sand-coloured clay, and the manufacturing process begins with thorough processing of the clay. Then, the clay is attached and centred on the rotating potter's wheel before each product is given its special shape. In the next step, when the clay has dried slightly and taken on a leather-hard consistency, reliefs are added, followed by the so-called "bisque firing" that sets the form. Finally, the glaze is added and after a last turn in the ceramic kiln, it contributes to a fine surface.

The collection we have created together with Paradisverkstaden lies very close to our heart and we hope that you will love the products just as much as we do, for a long time.

It's a dream to step into the studio on Öland and create together with the Paradis family. It's an incredibly creative and inviting place, and their craftsmanship is very impressive. This time, we explored new textures and relief as well as colours of glazes. The result is a playful, limited-edition collection that we are very proud of. It embodies what Grandpa stands for - timelessness and quality

— Susanna Månsson, Marketing Manager at Grandpa

All products are limited edition and available in-store and online.