Greener Brands: Nudie


Nudie Jeans was founded in Gothenburg in 2001 by Maria Erixon. Their products are now sold in over 50 countries worldwide. This spring/summer Nudie Jeans team up with Grandpa as their exclusive partner in launching their womenswear collection "Out of Office".

Driven by conviction and sheer determination, Nudie set out right from the start with the ambition to become an all-organic denim brand. The share of sustainable materials increased over the years, and since 2012 all Nudie Jeans denim is made out of 100% organic cotton.

They only work with supplier that share their values. Together with Fair Wear Foundation they ensure safe and ethical working conditions across the whole line of production.

Nudie’s denims are designed to be used over and over again, over many years. They suggest you use their raw denim for six months without washing them, to ”break them in”. No need to worry about breaking them though - Nudie offers free repairs in their own shops - even if you bought them from us at Grandpa!

Starting this spring we’re very happy to offer Nudie Jeans to our customers, and joining them in their launch of a womenswear collection!


Womenswear SS2020: Out of Office

This bohemian oozing collection is inspired by the peace and love-movement. It’s about a relaxed and comfortable fits, made with soft and supple organic cotton or Tencel. Embroidered or printed with vacation themed objects, the base colors are soft and washed out, in shades inspired by nature, the sun, the sky, grass, and flowers. The denim washes are inspired by vintage findings. Go have a look:






Menswear SS2020: Idle Life 

For menswear, SS2020 comes in a 70s vintage, California, and safari inspired vibe. There’ll be animal and floral prints. Brown, beige, and yellow runs though as the color story - and by using pigment overdyes and suede, the overall tone is set. See them all here: