Grandpa Family: Johanna Bradford


Grandpa Family is our way to highlight creative, interesting and ambitious people in our vicinity. This time around we met up with interior decorator and blogger Johanna Bradford.

Anyone in Sweden with even the least bit of interest in interior decoration knows of Johanna Bradford. We’ve always been a fan of her characteristic style, and she often swings by our Gothenburg store and fills it up with good vibes. Seeing that she’s such an inspiration to us, we’d like to show you around her house and hope you’ll be inspired too.

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- Tell us about a day in your life? 
They’re pretty ordinary, to be honest. It starts and ends the same way as in most families with small children. Elisabeth, our youngest, wakes up early and marches us all out of bed. Then it’s breakfast and preparing to head out the door. I’ll walk the kids to school, and then my workday begins.

Either I go back home to write, send emails or snap some pictures. Sometimes I’ll stop by the library or a coffee shop with my laptop and set up station there. Maybe I’ll head into Gothenburg for meetings or to catch a whim of inspiration. Sometimes it’s off to Stockholm for press events, meeting with my sales people or associates. Other days I have my resident photographer and dear friend Alice with me. She does almost all work where I’m in the picture, and together we create content that’ll turn into blog posts, press shots or editorials.

When I’ve picked up the kids again it’s straight back into the routine. Hitting the playground, making dinner, bath time, reading stories and kissing good night. Sometimes I work a bit more in the evening, but mostly it’s sitcoms and drinking tea in the sofa.

Grandpa Family
Grandpa Family

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A Part of The Art

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- How do you puzzle together a family life, refurbishing an entire house and driving your own business? 
We’d never been able to make it work if me and my Adam had jobs requiring regular office hours. My work is very flexible, and I’ve made sure not to work too much now that the kids are young. It’s also very convenient to have made my hobby of interior decoration into my job, it fits very well with refurbishing the house. Now I can make the picking of a counter top into content that I can publish and get paid for. I couldn’t wish for anything else and I’m very grateful.

- What sparked your interest in interior decoration in general and in old houses in particular?
I think it was embedded into my being from the moment I was born. I’ve always been fascinated by old houses, I’ve grown up in old houses and had people around me that shared that passion. I remember that even as a small child I was very set in my ways regarding how I wanted my room to look, and I also remember loving the feeling of just being in beautiful places.

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- Is this house you’re currently living in the final destination? 
I’d love to say yes, but another part of me kind of panics just thinking about it that way. So, I’ll guess we’ll see! I think I’m just too much of a curious person to just stick around the same spot all life. There’s a rebel somewhere inside of me that has to cause trouble with anything that can be perceived as mundane - like settling down for good. I always want to challenge that which is expected of me.

Grandpa Family
Grandpa Family

- What’s your best recommendations to anyone seeking to do some serious refurbishing? 
Use good craftsmen. Even though you might think you’re going to do a lot of the work yourself, don’t go bargain hunting for the help you need to hire in. Make sure to have a project leder that can keep track of lead times, the people involved, deliveries and everything else. I’ve just left all of this responsibility to my husband and a friend of the family. Also, brace yourself for things not turning out the way you thought. Things go wrong, but it might end up better than you originally had planned. If you’re lucky.

Grandpa Family
Grandpa Family

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- What’s the best and the worst part about running your own business? 
The best is for sure the freedom it brings, and that you are the one setting the agenda. The very though of sitting through meaningless meetings - which is the current office norm - gives me the creeps.
The challenge for me is to find the bravery and the energy to push forward. I’m usually very content with the way things are going, and due to that I sometimes need to give myself a serious pep talk to take it to the next level. I’ve just recently engaged myself into two new project, that I’m hoping to show you guys very soon!


- How would you describe the styling of your home? 
Imagine that an old British lady with a senseless passion for colors and shapes moved here from England and picked up some of the Scandinavian aesthetics, and for some reason she was hired to decorate the house. That’s it. That would be my muse, haha!



- How would you describe your personal style? 
See my answer above, haha...



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- Name three accounts that inspire you on Instagram. 
Just three? I could name thirty, but if I have to choose:
@sean_anthony_pritchard run by @iamlaurajackson

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