Stanley - Approved by Grandpa

Remember our pal Stanley? If not, here’s a quick recap. We’ve been working with Stanley for more than 10 years and normally we only sell their products in the classic colour “Hammertone Green”. Last year we did, however, spice things up with a colourful Grandpa x Stanley collaboration, check it out here. This time we decided to do something similar but boil it down to a range of products in one and the same shade, but multiple shapes.

At Grandpa quality and sustainability is, in many ways, the essence of what we do. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that Grandpa x Stanley is a pretty wonderful match, which is also why we’re especially proud to present a sequel to last year's collaboration. Stanley truly embodies what it means to live a life filled with adventure, yet infused with a sense of durability and endurance. Just like Grandpa, right?

“When we took in Stanley over 10 years ago we were pretty unique in offering their high-quality products, at least in our field. This makes opportunities to further deepen our relationship with them extra special. Especially since long-term partnerships are at the core of our way of working here at Grandpa. After our success last fall, we’re now following up with this. A collection in the color Hammertone Lake, all products with our Grandpa logo - like a label confirming how great we think Stanley is!”


One shade, multiple shapes

In this collection, you’ll find a classic bottle, a camp mug, a food jar + spork and a travel mug. All products in this family of four are made to keep their contents at the same temperature as when first poured in. This makes them ideal for pretty much all occasions - whether that be a hike on a crisp October afternoon, a picnic on a hot summer day, or a busy weekday at the office. Our Grandpa x Stanley pieces will be your reliable partner in crime keeping warms warm and colds cold. The blue color of choice reminds us of our beloved hometown Stockholm in some melancholic way. We promise you’ll love it, even on days when you’re not feeling so blue.