Spektrum x Grandpa

Spektrum x Grandpa pt. 2

We're taking our collaboration with Spektrum to a new level by launching a pair of goggles!

We started working with Spektrum in 2023 and our collaboration is very much based on a shared philosophy around what makes up an active and sustainable lifestyle. In other words, our motto "Good People, Good Products, Good Impact" is as applicable to Spektrum as it is to us.

This time, we have developed an exclusive pair of Grandpa goggles based on Spektrum's Templet model. Templet was originally created in collaboration with the Swedish alpine skiing legend Ingemar Stenmark, and our version comes in the colour Pebble Grey. We've also added a subtle Grandpa logo at the front, and on the strap we've printed "Always Good" – that's what we always strive for, whether in terms of People, Products, or Impact.

The goggles are made of a plant-based material extracted from castor oil, and the lens is Zeiss high-quality polycarbonate with 100% UV protection. A clear extra lens is included.

Spektrum x Grandpa pt. 1

We are thrilled to present our collaboration with Spektrum. The partnership is based on both brands' philosophy of sustainability and an active, sustainable lifestyle. Together, we have developed unique colour schemes for two of Spektrum's models, based on our colour space. The result is two pairs of LOM and two pairs of BLANK, both models designed for running, cycling, skiing, and, in short, an active lifestyle.

We often preach for an active, sustainable, and contrasting lifestyle with "one foot in the city and one foot in nature," and with Spektrum, we have found a partner who can deliver stylish and sustainably produced sunglasses that match this lifestyle. Everything we do is infused with our motto Good People, Good Products, Good Impact. With Spektrum, this aligns well because Spektrum is a company with a strong ethos on sustainability, made up of really nice people, and delivers the highest quality in everything they do! In this collaboration, we have shortened it to “Always Good”!

Spektrum x Grandpa


“We reached out to Spektrum because we have great respect for their work, both from a design and sustainability perspective. As always, we base all our partnerships on fundamental shared values, and Spektrum ticks all our boxes: Good People, Good Products, and Good Impact. These sunglasses are meant to be used, and we are confident that both we and our community will do just that."

— Jonas Pelz, Founder of Grandpa


This frame is designed for uncompromising performance during endurance activities when additional protection is needed.

Our LOM´s come in two colour ways, Green Tortoise and Petrol Blue. The lens is Zeiss Gold, a brown base contrast lens that is perfect for sunny to cloudy days and offers the best visual contrast, colour brilliance, and imaging in a mountain environment. It also includes a clear lens. Our motto "Always Good" is printed on the lens, stylishly discreet, and Spektrum and Grandpa's logos are nicely engraved on the right and left temple, respectively.


Blank is designed for active use, whether it's running, cycling, or climbing.

Blank offers the highest level of protection and comfort with an optimized lens shape to intercept harmful rays before they reach your retina. Our BLANKs come in two colors, Light Pink and Grey. The lens is Zeiss Gold, a brown base contrast lens that is perfect for sunny to cloudy days, providing the best visual contrast, color brilliance, and imaging in a mountain environment. It also includes a clear lens. On the lens, our motto "Always Good" is printed, elegantly discreet, and the Spektrum and Grandpa logos are finely engraved on the right and left temples, respectively.

Each pair of glasses comes with a hard case featuring Spektrum x Grandpa in a stylish embossing and a practical carabiner, as well as a pouch that also serves as a cleaning cloth with the collaboration's sleek graphics.