New brand: Dometic

Dometic x Grandpa

Allow us to introduce Dometic! Somewhat of a global underdog, and we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with them! We're talking about high-quality products with great functionality for an active and sustainable lifestyle - precisely the kind of lifestyle we are preaching. Together with we have created a sticker sheet with nice Grandpa-, and Dometic stickers that accompany all coolers, and each thermos bottle features a discreet Grandpa engraving.

Dometic is somewhat of a global underdog, and with its new lifestyle focus, it is becoming a brand to remember. With its roots in Electrolux, Dometic was launched in the late 60s as a brand for leisure products, primarily targeting the American market. Today, Dometic is a global lifestyle brand with a wide portfolio of products designed for an active outdoor life. From your backyard to the adventurous wilderness!

Thermos bottles

Dometic's thermos bottles are made of high-quality stainless steel and built to last for extensive use. These bottles keep your drinks warm for up to 12 hours and cold throughout the day. Each bottle features a discreet and exclusive Grandpa engraving on the top.


Dometic's coolers have extremely efficient insulation, keeping your food, drinks, and other perishables fresh for several days. They are also built to withstand tough conditions and will be your companion on the road for years to come! Personalize your cooler with the specially-made sticker sheet included!