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Grandpa Family is our way to highlight creative, interesting and ambitious people in our vicinity. This time around we met up with designer and stylist duo Studio In: Atta Ring and Maja Furenberg Ring.

We met up at a showcase apartment they’ve designed and decorated. It’ll be used to sell off apartments in a new building project to the east of Gothenburg - a project called Smörslottet. The literal translation is The Butter Castle. Such a great name. Anyhow! Here’s the interview:

Low Key

This must be the Place

A Part of the Art

Homie Shirt

Fanny Schultz


A Part of the Art

Airy Pants

Low Key x Paradisverkstaden

Vas Stor

Low Key Goods

One footed nose wheelie

- Tell us something about ”The Butter Castle” and the showcase apartment. 
The building project is placed in a green area east of Gothenburg, where the developer is refurbishing and densification areas. We are raised in the area, making it struck a chord with us. The showcase apartment we’re decorating is a two-bedroom apartment, and the target audience is those looking for a more homey but Scandinavian style. We’ve borrowed A LOT of stuff from Grandpa to achieve this.

Grandpa Family
Grandpa Family

- When did it occur to you that you wanted to work with styling? 
Maja: Having spent a few years at an architect firm, I developed a craving for actually finishing a real home, for someone to live in. Not just working on the exteriors or empty shells.

Atta: I’ve always thought I’d stay working with fashion, and interior decoration and styling hasn’t been on my radar. I’d rather focused on different artistic expressions and creating concepts. It was first when we started to speak about doing something together that interest was born. I started seeing this as another way of artistic expression.

Grandpa Family


Printed Georgette dress

Pernille Corydon

Bangkok Hoops


Ribcage Wide Leg

Dr Martens


Pernille Corydon

Flare Earsticks



- What would be the dream assignment? 
Our driving force has always been to create impactful experiences for people. It would be wonderful to be apart of a project that reaches a lot of people, like a hotel or a public space

- What’s the best about having a family business? 
I don’t think we ever really reflect on being a family business. But a great part about it is that we’ve got great trust for each other, and an unwavering loyalty.

- What are your strengths as entrepreneurs? 
We’re good at connecting the dots and identifying win-win situations for us and our customers. We’re very passionate about maintaining good relationships and finding new ways of doing business. 

- What are your three best tips for people wanting to start their own business? 
1. Rather do something than being paralyzed worrying about what the right next thing to do is.
2. Find a sustainable business plan. Identify your incomes and work out a strategy to bring down costs.
3. Dare to tell everyone that you’re around and what contribution you bring.


- What are your best three styling tips? 
1. Place posters and artwork at a lower height than you usually do.
2. Mix textures!
3. Always add green plants.



- What are your favorite items from Grandpa? 
1. The Low Key Furniture is amazing, and we fell for the bench.
2. All the nostalgic kitchen appliances from Hay Kitchen Market.
3. The cups from Low Key Goods x Paradisverkstaden.


Low Key x Paradisverkstaden



Italian Ice Cup

Low Key x Paradisverkstaden


Low Key

Oak Cutting Board

Low Key x Paradisverkstaden


Low Key

Shelf no 3

- Topp three accounts everyone should follow on Instagram? 

Grandpa Family
Grandpa Family


Standard Örngott 2-pack



Low Key

Notepad A6


Always Good Mugg


Single Duvet

Low Key

Notepad A5

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