Gamla Brogatan



Grandpa City at Gamla Brogatan is our third Stockholm store, and it opened in February of 2016. We're looking forward to being a part of developing this classic shopping street like Gamla Brogatan, we couldn?t resist it. A nice street, left untouched when Klara was demolished, and since then little bit underground with its slightly skewed location. The fact that it's a pedestrian street fits us perfectly. Together with other businessess such as Sko Uno, Juiceverket, HTL, Kött & Fiskbaren and more, we will now create a really nice oasis in the city



Gamla Brogatan 32
111 20 Stockholm
+46(0)8-441 1843


Opening Hours (CET):

Weekdays 12.00-17.00
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed