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Barebones are about what feeds you. Literally, figuratively and spiritually. Barebones is about food, nature and older features - and the best inspiration, goods and guidance to help you enjoy them. O special if you grow, cook, camp or explore, their products will enhance your outdoor experience.

Barebones have a history steeped in philanthropic work and continue to help lift people out of poverty by needing the necessary skills, education and products. The first product ever created by the Barebones team was the state-of-the-art emergency room, and this continues to be one of the primary assets they need for disadvantaged communities and disaster recovery efforts. With these shelters, people in countries all over the world get the active protection they need.

Barebones have evolved from their philanthropic roots, but continue humanitarian efforts and the "Do Good" philosophy on which it was founded.
Beacon Lantern Slate Grey
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Edison Mini Lantern Olive Drab
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Railroad Lantern Olive Drab
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Vintage Flashlight Slate Grey
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