Grandpa Goods is built up of modern classics for a relaxed and timeless style and is made to last. Grandpa Goods must withstand wear and tear for both eye and hand. All products are made in Europe. Grandpa Goods is a part of 1% For The Planet.

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"We’ve been talking about creating a line of our own for quite some time, and now we felt the time was right to act. We want to create a great offer towards our customers where we are in full control of where and how the clothes are made. The idea is that the Grandpa Goods line will be expanded style by style with the key pieces needed for a classic, relaxed and timeless style."

— Jonas Pelz, Founder of Grandpa

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Grandpa Goods is our line of everyday wear. These are the pieces that will be the backbone of your wardrobe, the pillars, and the key pieces that hold it all together. The clothes aren’t conceptualized as a collection, but rather as separate pieces with a longer timeframe in mind. Starting out with the perfect t-shirt and a classic, boxy sweatshirt, the line has grown into two almost complete collections, one for menswear and one for womenswear.

Designed with the intent of turning into the go-to items and constant companions of our customers, we’ve made well-weighted decisions concerning fit, materials, trimmings, and producers. They are based on silhouettes and styles that we know will stand the test of time, both in regard to quality and style. Expect a production mainly placed within the EU, almost only GOTS Certified organic cotton, and also recycled wool.

Grandpa Goods Graphics

A collection in collaboration with the Dutch illustrator Don Leon Schuuring, check it out!