The Laugas

In Grandpa Family, we highlight creative, exciting, and ambitious people who are close to us. This time we met up with interior decorator Ida Lauga and her husband Leopold. They share a flat with their two children, in the southern part of Stockholm.

As we arrive we’re greeted by Ida who lets us know that Leopold is in the kitchen baking bread for us. Walking towards the kitchen we pass by design classics that are fighting for space with the couples’ own artworks. To name a few, there’s a big wooden sculpture in the hallway that Leopold is chipping away at from time to time, and there’s a really amazing stool in the living room that he both designed and built himself.

You can’t help but notice that this is a home inhabited by creatives. And it doesn’t come as a surprise that a lot of people are inspired by Ida’s Instagram account (@idalauga), or that it’s pretty common that people come by their apartment to take photos for magazines and such.

Read our interview with them below!

[b]How long have you’ve been working as an interior decorator, and what got you into it?

[/b]While living in Paris I was working for a business that did interior decoration and refurbishment of apartments. But when we came back home to Sweden, it was a whole other kind of market. So I started working as an assistant to interior decorators but soon moved from that to do my own work.

[b]It seems like the both of you are always up to something new, and it’s really inspiring to follow you on Instagram. How do you keep up, working as you do, having this beautiful home whilst managing two kids at the same time? 

[/b]We keep busy, for sure – and sometimes I wish we could slow down and just be fine with things as they are. But it’s not for us. As soon as we’re getting close to reaching the point of being finished with something, we tend to start looking for a new apartment. Right now we’re looking for a house. Hopefully, if we get enough space, we’ll settle in. But our track record says something else.  We don’t always strike the perfect balance - but keeping our home tidy is important for our wellbeing.

[b]What are the pros and cons of having two creative people living in the same apartment? 

[/b]Mostly pros! I’m much less handy than Leo, and it can drive him crazy. Sometimes he gets tired of me being too dominant, and just goes ahead and picks, say, the color of a room. To my discontent. But in the end, he’s usually right. It’s like he was born with a great sense of the aesthetic. But I think we complement each other in a good way.

[b]What does a classic workweek look like for you, Ida?

[/b]There’s no such thing as a classic workweek, to be honest. Either I’m at home planning, drawing, making mood boards, writing todos, or the like. Otherwise, I’m working on a production in a studio or at some location. If not that I’m out on the town borrowing or buying products, moving stuff here and there, packing, unpacking. No day is the other alike.

[b]Leopold - other than being hired as a full-time designer, you seem to have a lot of other creative interests. You just recently got a tattoo machine? Where do you draw inspiration from?

[/b]Ever since we moved to Sweden I’ve been obsessed with Swedish nature and forests. It has played a much bigger part in my life here than it did growing up in France. So when I’m not out foraging, drying, or fermenting something, I make drawings of different flowers, cones, or leaves. Or I’m out running, swimming, or playing with my kids.

What are the pros and cons of running your own business? Any pointers for those looking to start their own?

The best part hands down are to be in charge of your own time. Some periods I’m away from the family and am longing so much, but when I’m not I get to spend a lot of time with them. I feel like it’s worth it. A downside is not being able to plan ahead, another the stress of not really knowing if you’ll have any work and money within the next few months. But all in all, I think running my own business was easier than I anticipated.

How would you describe your interior style?

A bit bohemian, but also a bit strict – if that’s even possible? I think we have a good mix of both Swedish and French style.

Ida – got any easy pointers for people who want to redecorate their homes?

Sure, the most important thing is to figure out a color scheme and to stick with it. And make that scheme go through all the rooms. A great way of giving your home a personality is to add vintage items, personal stuff, and a few unique things as decoration.

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