Christoffers Blommor

Grandpa Family is our way to highlight creative, interesting and ambitious people in our vicinity. In this article we’ve turned the spotlight onto a person who’s put the capital F back in Flower Shop: Christoffer Broman.  Back in 2001 he established his first shop in the Old Town of Stockholm, which has since turned into something like a social media landmark; You just wouldn’t pass by without posting a picture on Instagram. You couldn’t.

We’ve known Christoffer for a very long time, and the relationship depend when he opened up his second flower shop next door to our flagship store on Södermalm. Not just a friendly neighbor, an inspiring one at that!

What separates Christoffer from the rest is his keen eye and unique take on what makes a beautiful bouquet. They are of uncommon combinations and sizes, and they’ve got a wilderness to them. The rules are out the window and still they make perfect sense. Combined with the quaint shops and a commitment to the same level of personal service that drives our own business, he offers a unique experience to his clients.

Follow Christoffer:

IG: @christoffersblommor