Poster Interstellar 50x70 cm


79 EUR

Photo printed poster of the moon, printed with water-based ink on premium 230gsm matt paper. Photographer Meinhard Taxer.

Wallbaby uses paper known as the most climate friendly paper in the world for their posters! It’s made from Swedish trees using renewable energy.

Together with Wallbaby we have made an exclusive selection of 15 posters, only available at Grandpa.

Only print included, frame sold separately.



Poster Interstellar 50x70 cm


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- Photo printed poster
- Water-based ink
- Premium 230gsm matt paper
- Available in size 50x70cm
- Photographer: Meinhard Taxer

Wallbaby is a Swedish premium poster company founded in 2021 by the photographers Pierre and Eveline. It’s born out of love of art and passion for interior design. Wallbaby creates future heirlooms and long-term love affairs with their heart-stealing posters. The posters are made in collaboration with Swedish and international illustrators and photographers.


Water- based ink, premium 230gsm matt paper


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