The Japanese denim kings at Edwin are making a long-awaited comeback at Grandpa this spring. Our focus this season is on Edwin’s excellent tops in the form of fine graphic t-shirts and comfortable resort shirts. We are overjoyed to have this prestigious and cult-favourite brand back with us!

Taking a step towards Tokyo with Edwin as a brand feels awesome! I love how the brand plays with its Japanese origins as inspiration in everything and combines high product quality with a large dose of playfulness in both fit and design.

— Hasse, Buyer

Established in Tokyo, Japan, in 1947, the EDWIN brand is known for its authenticity, innovation and craftsmanship. Founder Tsunemi Yonehachi was amongst the first merchants to bring vintage American jeans to Japan in the postwar era, setting off a national obsession with denim. Today, EDWIN continues to set the gold standard in Japanese denim production, priding itself on the use of exclusive fabrics, revolutionary production technologies, state-of-the-art finishing and advancements in design and fit. EDWIN is a rearrangement of the letters in the word “DENIM”.