Meet A Part Of The Art

We have met the founders Lisa Söderman and Jenny Neck who are the founders of the Swedish fashion brand A part of the Art. They focus on style rather than trends and makes timeless pieces that lasts over time. Since 2019 we at Grandpa have offered our customers selected pieces from their collections. When we met up with the founders in their showroom in Stockholm we talked about our common focus areas: sustainability, timeless fashion and slow fashion. 

Hi Jenny and Lisa! How come you started A Part Of The Art?

Already in 2015 when I (Jenny) and my husband were going on a trip abroad and were going to leave our son with my mother-in-law and she said - "what a nice pyjamas". The thing was, it wasn't a pyjamas but a really expensive set from an international designer. She felt a little embarrassed, but we had a good laugh about it. On the plane, my husband gives me the idea to create a brand that is luxuriously comfortable and primarily aimed at women. My friend Lisa was working in a fast fashion company at the time and felt that she wanted to be part of a new and better way of how we consume fashion. That's where it all started!

How did you get to know each other?

We got to know each other at Smögen (an island located outside of Sweden's west coast) about 20 years ago and have been close friends ever since. We’ve always worked in the same industry, Lisa in production and purchasing and Jenny in sales and marketing.

How come you want to sell your clothes at Grandpa?

We started our collaboration in spring 2019 and since then we’ve had an incredible journey together which we are very happy and grateful for. We’re incredibly proud to be part of Grandpa's carefully selected range. We share the same vision of contributing to smarter consumption. We are also impressed by Grandpa's warm community and how you take care of each other and your customers, it feels important. Our concept also fits nicely in a lifestyle store as we are a hybrid between home and fashion.

What’s slow fashion for you?

At A Part Of The Art we don’t work with fast trends but instead we have one line for cold weather and one for warm weather. But as we mentioned above, our goal is to create timeless favorites that last over time.

Where are your clothes produced?

We have a close cooperation with our suppliers, several of whom Lisa has worked with before. We buy most of the fabrics from suppliers in Europe with long experience. Several in the industry are looking for ways to create a more sustainable production and we choose to work with the ones who share this interest with us. We also work with residual stock in Sweden to contribute to circular fashion.

Sustainability is the main reason why we started the company. The products must last a long time when it comes to design, fit and quality. We mainly choose materials that are soft and comfortable, we work a lot with tencel and lyocell as these materials have a lower impact on the environment.

— Jenny Neck

Comfortable and good looking at the same time, is that possible?

Absolutely! A Part Of The Art creates outfits that are comfortable and stylish aimed for womens’ favorite moments. We focus on style rather than trend and make clothes that are about feeling stylish and comfortable for your own sake, not someone else's.

What are your tips for making clothes last longer?

Take good care of your clothes, use a steamer and put your clothes outside for a while instead of washing your clothes randomly. When you do wash, avoid detergents that contain bleach, lyocell don't like that.