The Forest Rules by Karhu

The Forest Rules

This season, Karhu encourages you to grab your tent and sleeping bag and heed “The Forest Rules” with three unique forest-themed drops. Each specially curated release is inspired by a specific set of rules."The Forest Rules" fall into three main areas of focus—Wildlife, Safety First, and Preservation.

Drop 1: The first drop of the season is dedicated to the proper etiquette around Wildlife. When it comes to enjoying nature and the animals that live there, remember these three simple rules: look but don’t touch, avoid using flash photography, and never share food. Karhu hopes that you not only obey the forest rules, but that you think the forest rules, too! Because there’s no better place to spend your time than in the great outdoors. We've chosen to bring in two sneakers from this drop - the Legacy 96 and the Fusion 2.0, we love the earth-toned colorways that clearly are inspired by nature, the outdoors and wildlife, which one is your favorite?

Drop 2: When it comes to enjoying nature, whether it be camping, hiking, or observing wildlife, always remember Safety First. Don’t forget to buddy up and be sure to mind your step. We think you should be stepping around in a pair of Synchron Classics! The model Abbey Stone/Turbulence has different natural tones with orange elements - a color that pops and screams Safety First.

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