Grandpa's new look!

Grandpa's new look

Let us introduce our new logotype and graphic identity! We felt we needed some change. Grandpa is a multifaceted company and a community of Good People, Good Products, Good Impact. Now it's time to strengthen the brand Grandpa with a more soulful logotype and stronger identity to show the company's energy and dynamic. We hope you like it!

Good People, Good Products, Good Impact

Both we and our customers (You!) are aware both in terms of style and sustainability. We have distance to both ourselves and the business in general. We want to show this, partly with help of our friendly mascot “Little Grandpa”. He now also got help from a couple of other icons which you will see more of in the future.

Good People

  • We are inclusive and welcoming
  • We see everything we do on the long term
  • We are easy going and unpretentious

Good Products

  • We sell products that will stand the test of time
  • Sustainability based on quality, long lasting style, sustainable materials
  • “Keep it real” - a tribute to the original

Good Impact

  • We want to make a good impact and speak our mind. This is important to us:
  • Equality
  • No Racism
  • Sustainability

Grandpa Soft Goods & Low Key Goods

We are very proud of our two own brands: Grandpa Soft Goods and Low Key Goods.

Grandpa Soft Goods is our in-house apparel brand. This is the crown jewel and core in our curated assortment of clothing. Built up by modern classics for a relaxed and timeless style. We put as much focus on look, fit and details as on material, compositions and suppliers. Grandpa Soft Goods is a part of 1% For The Planet, meaning that one percent of the sales are being donated to grass roots initiatives working to solve our planets most pressing environmental issues.

Low Key Goods is an interior and lifestyle brand created by us. As the name suggests, the expression is low key, but with a clear character. The products are created to be used and worn with time. Sustainable and timeless, with influences by today's Scandinavia and the 60’s.

Top picks from our own brands