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Christmas is soon in full swing and at Grandpa we believe that the best gifts are those chosen mindfully. To make this easier we’ve created a Gift Store filled with products carefully selected based on quality, sustainability and timeless design. These are gifts to be loved for a long time.

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Sustainable gift ideas

There are many ways to approach Christmas in a more sustainable way and our hope is that we at Grandpa can inspire you to do just that. Help someone adopt a “wear and care for what you’ve got” approach to fashion by giving away products that make garment care easy-peasy. Fill your packages with high-quality products and garments produced in Sweden - gifts that are not only born out of sustainability but also personify it through their longevity. Give fewer but carefully chosen Christmas gifts - things that cannot be found anywhere else but at Grandpa.

Christmas mix-tapes!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a spot-on playlist but a spot-on playlist is craftsmanship of the best sort and it does undoubtedly require a great portion of time and expertise. Luckily, a little bird whispered in our ear that Christmas is a time of kindness and generosity and so it doesn’t seem more than right to share a glimpse of our extraordinary taste in music. Lo and behold: Here’s this year's Christmas mixtapes!

#1 Tropical Christmas (by Kim)

Looking for something that guarantees good vibes but gives you a break from traditional Christmas tunes? In that case, Kim’s tropical Christmas playlist is just what you need. Press play and set the mood, we promise it’ll be good.

#2 Soulful Christmas (by Jonas)

The red thread in our founder and owner Jonas’ Christmas playlist is the absence of a red thread. It is as diversified as Grandpa’s selection and as lively as the stands at Söderstadion. One thing is certain, though: Julio Iglesias is represented.

#3 Jazzy Christmas (by Benji)

For a messy Christmas baking session, you need a calm playlist, one that brings you back to Christmases when snowdrifts were meter-high, and mulled wine evenings in front of the fireplace were a must. So, put on your wool socks, heat up some mulled wine, and enjoy the goodness of Christmas to these tunes.

Visit our stores this Christmas

If you’d like to have a closer look at our gift ideas or are in need of more inspiration, don’t hesitate to pop by one of our physical stores! We are spreading Christmas vibes and offering mulled wine every now and then.

Here you'll find information about our stores and opening hours during Christmas!