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Playboy Footwear

Playboy Footwear is a small Danish family business that has a strong tradition of manufacturing high-quality men's shoes and more than 50 years of experience as a shoemaker. The iconic Original Playboy crepe soles have long been an important part of their business.

The brand has been around since 1936 when the first shoes were made by the English shoemaker Hutton in Northampton, England. The design was so unique that it was quickly patented to protect the handmade shoes with the characteristic crepe sole construction.
More than 80 years later, the shoes are still manufactured based on the old design with over 200 manual processes that require high levels of classic shoemaking skills. It is one of the most complicated shoes to manufacture, especially when it comes to attaching the characteristic tubes and crepe foxing. The same high-quality materials are used today, as 100% natural plant rubber for the crepes sole and only the finest suede and calfskin for the upper.

The shoes reached iconic status from the beginning, which was largely attributed to Hollywood stars who liked the shoes. Especially one of the world's foremost actors, Steve McQueen, who wore the original Playboy chucks in the 50's and well into the 70's both on and off the screen.
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