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Besides early access to our sale you will also receive a regular dose of inspirational content, alerts about new arrivals, and invitations to upcoming events and happenings. Welcome!

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Good people, Good products, Good impact

Grandpa was founded in 2003 by a small group of friends and the company was born out of the idea of creating an inclusive meeting place defined by great atmosphere and personal service. Right there and then, the Grandpa community started to take form and today what started out as a small group of friends has become a significantly bigger group of friends.

Because aside from being a fashion and lifestyle store focusing on high-quality and sustainability - we are also, more than anything, a community of good people. Without that at our core, we wouldn’t be Grandpa. To emphasise this, and truly bring people together - we are so excited to now be launching Grandpa Social Club!

Whether you take part digitally or IRL - all members of Grandpa Social Club will access a close-knit community of good people, be kept in the loop about new arrivals, campaigns, competitions and events! You'll also get early access to our sale and regular updates with our take on life, style, and lifestyle.

We’d love to share our Grandpa universe with you and have you contribute to the shape and form of it.

Let’s get together - it’ll be fun!


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New Arrivals


New arrivals

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