Made in Sweden pt.2 The doer

Grandpa Goods remains the crown jewel of our carefully curated assortment of clothing and accessories, and so we are thrilled to now announce the launch of our Made in Sweden capsule collection, aptly named “The Doer”. If you’re familiar with Grandpa Goods, you already know that sustainability and quality are two of our core values and these pieces truly embody what we mean by clothing that will “withstand wear and tear”. The Doer consists of strong, functional and workwear-inspired garments.

The Doer

The Doer was born out of the idea of taking our line of everyday clothing one step further. The collection is designed for those looking to “get stuff done” wearing durable, functional garments that last over time and work in various contexts. You’ll be able to wear them as you bike to work, coach you kids’ soccer team, do some gardening, go for a walk with your dog, re-paint the livingroom or perhaps get started on your next diy-project. Simply put, you’ll be able to wear these pieces as you go about most activities, meaning you’ll be looking put together without having to worry about getting changed each time you take on a new project. The Doer is the perfect everyday or weekend uniform to wear as you take on all the things that make up life.

The collection features four distinctive pieces: traditional carpenter pants, a chore jacket, a bib overall, and a padded vest. The style, shape and blue colour of these pieces were inspired by the traditional Swedish workwear look including boxy overshirts and functional trousers covered in pockets and made of durable materials. To give The Doer a somewhat softer look, but ensure durability, all products are made in 100% organic ripstop cotton. As the name indicates, this makes the material especially resistant to rips. In other words, it’s ideal for all the wear and tear that life entails - whether that be gardening, handcrafting or going to the supermarket.

“It feels great to be able to follow up on our previous “Made in Sweden” capsule by introducing The Doer. Building on a great foundation from before, we’re elevating both concept and products to new heights whilst still producing everything in Sweden. This is going to be spot-on for our customer base. Because we all do stuff, like chores, right? Now you can do those looking and feeling just plain awesome in every aspect of the word.“

— Jonas Skommevik, CEO at Grandpa

Manufactured in Borås, Sweden, by NOMS - a supply chain service dedicated to sustainable, responsible production - The Doer reflects our unwavering commitment to just that. Leveraging a unique model and cutting process, NOMS achieves a single-piece flow in mass production, optimizing material utilization rates beyond industry standards.

How will you embrace The Doer in your daily pursuits?