With great pride, we present Grandpa Goods Made in Sweden! This is a project that is very dear to us and aligns with all of our building blocks: Good People, Good Products, and Good Impact.

This is the future way of producing clothing - on demand. Additionally, being able to do it in Sweden further contributes to the sustainability aspect. This means high-quality production and products, small quantities manufactured upon demand which leads to zero overproduction, and last but not least, short transport and lead times from idea to finished product!

Being able to offer our community a collection of products that are of the highest quality in both style and craftsmanship, made in Sweden, and at the same time being able to do this on-demand with incredibly short lead times that minimize all speculation and overproduction, it feels spot on!

— Jonas Skommevik, CEO of Grandpa

The collection consists of a classic overshirt and two pant models; a regular fit and a tapered fit. In the first round, we are launching all styles in two colourways, olive and khaki. All products are made from organic cotton. The specially made Grandpa Goods buttons are made of GOTS-certified Corozo, which is a natural raw material. All products come with our new Grandpa Goods labelling.

All garments in the Made in Sweden collection are produced in collaboration with NOMS - National Outfit Manufacturing Services. This is a company in Borås, Sweden, that works with on-demand production, and Grandpa is one of their first customers. They have developed a unique model, and their manufacturing is based on a cutting process that allows for a single-piece flow in mass production, something that increases the utilization rate of the material higher than standard.