Gift Box Herbal Tea Collection

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40 EUR

Gift box with everything you need to start growing your own herbal tea. Enjoy both the plant journey, the taste sensations and the soothing feeling. The kit contains seeds for all senses, with tastes, scents, textures and colorful plants that attract bees with a lovely buzz in the summer garden. The kit contains seeds, accessories and a step-by-step guide.



Gift Box Herbal Tea Collection



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This is included in the kit:
- Aniseed 'Astello Indigo'
- Chamomile
- Sage sage, organic
- Lemon balm
- Tea mint 'Bergamot'
- 15 growing briquettes in coconut
- Wooden markers
- Step-by-step instructions on the journey from seed to harvest

Plant location: Suitable on a larger balcony or in the garden. The flowers need a little space to thrive and grow big.

Suitable for both beginners and more experienced gardeners. What is required above all is patience.

The five seeds are chosen with care to create an herbal tea with aromas and flavors to be experienced separately or combined to make your own unique favorite blend to enjoy - or offer. In addition, these plants are incredibly beautiful to enjoy, both in a bouquet and in the flower bed.




Care Instructions

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