Guppyfriend Washing bag


30 EUR

This is a washing bag from Guppyfriend that will help you be more sustainable. The washing bag can be used for every garment but is especially made for garments with synthetic materials, like fleece jackets, since it collects plastic fibres when washed - so it doesn't end up in the waste water.


Washing bag

Guppyfriend Washing bag



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A large part of our clothing contains synthetic materials. During washing, tiny plastic fibres break and enter rivers and oceans via the waste water and thus harm our environment.

According to the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT, on average 86% fewer fibres of synthetic clothing break when washed with this washing bag. The fibres that do break collect in the corners of the washing bag after washing and can be easily removed and disposed of.

- It reduces fiber shedding and protects your clothes.
- It filters the few fibers that do break and doesn’t lose any fibers itself.
- It’s a daily reminder to change our buying habits and washing rituals.

Material: untreated polyester (PET)
Made in Europe
Size M: 50 x 74 cm
100% plastic free packaging


100% Polyamide




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Image displaying Guppyfriend Washing bag (3 of 3)