Grandpa x Universal Works

Having built a close relationship over the past few years, now felt like the right time for Grandpa and Universal Works to come together and develop an exclusive piece. The collaboration is also a part of Universal Works ongoing Future Friendship Project where they team up with like-minded partners who share their vision around “Peace, Love and Soul”.

The result of our collaboration is a special version of the UW beach parka, which is available in limited edition for Spring Summer '24, exclusively at Grandpa. Taking inspiration from the US snow parka; an oversized, unlined piece originally intended as camouflage for paratroopers in a snowscape, the Grandpa x UW Parka is lightweight but has plenty of volume, making it a perfect summer layer.

The parka was playfully named the “Beach Parka,” but just like its wintery counterpart, this version has all of the same details: an oversized hood to go over your cap, a waist cord to create different silhouettes, and big pockets to stash your essentials in. Channeling a simple, clean utilitarian aesthetic, the Grandpa x UW Beach Parka is made in olive recycled polytech, which gives it crease-resistant properties and a lightweight, summer vibe. We hope you’ll like it as much as we, and our friends at Universal Works, do.

“We’re incredibly proud to have had the opportunity to develop an exclusive piece for Universal Works’ Future Friendship Project. Our collaboration with Universal Works is truly a love story from the start as we share the same values both as companies and as brands and concepts. This did of course make it extra special to get to visit their headquarters in Nottingham and spend a few days together during the shoot of our parka.”

— Hasse Linderoth, Head of Buying at Grandpa

Grandpa Family: Universal Works

In the process of developing the Universal Works parka we also took the opportunity to visit their office in Nottingham and interview their founders David Keyte and Stephanie Porritt - Check out our Grandpa Family editorial featuring them here.