Grandpa Goods Graphics

Let us introduce Grandpa Goods Graphics! The collection consists of sweatshirts and t-shirts featuring graphics by the Dutch illustrator Don Leon Schuuring, as well as our awesome heavy crew necks with an embroidered patch, and last but not least, a brand new developed hoodie.

Grandpa x Dedonleon

We had the pleasure of commissioning Dutch illustrator and graphic designer Don Schuuring, a.k.a @dedonleon, to interpret Grandpa and our beloved mascot Little Farfar in two different graphics. The result was two cool illustrations where we feel Don captured the essence of Grandpa - community and quality!

Don Shuuring works as an illustrator and we were drawn to his style that we felt fit Grandpa like a glove. And with Don's tagline "Being kind and doing good shit", we felt like we found a kindred spirit. It's pretty much how we think of ourselves.

Dedonleon Designs is a creative studio based in the Netherlands, founded in 2017 and led by Don Leon Schuuring. His main focus is illustration and graphic design, ranging from t-shirt designs to complete brand identities and even some animation.

Having worked as a freelancer and with various advertising agencies, Don has gained extensive experience in both graphic design and brand identity for both large and small companies across multiple industries. However, his own studio Dedonleon has always been the foundation for Don. He has developed his own, playful old-school style rooted in mascot illustrations.

Dedonleon´s motto is,  Being kind and creating good shit. And that's something we can sign off on!

Heavy Crew Finger Patch & Hoodie

We have created a really nice embroidered patch featuring our signature finger, which we have placed on the chest of our popular Heavy Crew Necks. We offer them in grey melange and black for women, and in grey melange and navy for men.

The hoodie is a true masterpiece based on an old favourite hoodie with lots of volume and low-dropped shoulders. The hood is as big as it should be and the cuffs are too. The colour? Of course, a classic grey melange. At the bottom, you'll find Little Farfar as a discreet embellishment.

The finger and "Little Farfar" have unexpectedly become important senders from Grandpa. Little Farfar has been with us for almost five years but has evolved over the years, while the finger was added in connection with our rebranding that went live in the autumn of 2022. And trust me, you will see more of both Little Farfar and the finger in the future.

— Jonas, founder of Grandpa