Grandpa Gift Store

Christmas is soon in full swing and at Grandpa we believe that the best gifts are those chosen mindfully. To make this easier we’ve created a Gift Store filled with products carefully selected based on quality, sustainability and timeless design. These are gifts to be loved for a long time.

Sustainable gift ideas

There are many ways to approach Christmas in a more sustainable way and our hope is that we at Grandpa can inspire you to do just that. Help someone adopt a “wear and care for what you’ve got” approach to fashion by giving away products that make garment care easy-peasy. Fill your packages with high-quality products and garments produced in Sweden - gifts that are not only born out of sustainability but also personify it through their longevity. Give fewer but carefully chosen Christmas gifts - things that cannot be found anywhere else but at Grandpa.

Made in Sweden

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Handpicked gift ideas