Linnea Salmén

This time we’re visiting with Linnéa, accomplished interior decorator and a long time friend of ours.We met Linnéa in her atelier, lit with big windows and walls made out of bare concrete. The room is filled to the brim with items she’s come over – vintage findings, design classics, as well as things she’s made herself. The place says something about its owner; someone creative and inspiring.

Linnéa works as an interior decorator. It’s a job. Many people have jobs. Some people, however, manage to work with something that is basically a part of their being. That’s the way it is with Linnéa. On top of that, she’s got integrity and a perspective of her own.

She started her career working as an assistant for Lotta Agaton, and now she’s got her own business that’s thriving on her unconventional style. She’s been hired by IKEA, Granit, The ode To, Bemz, Midnatt and has also been published in numerous magazines.

We’re of course curious about Linneas best styling tips, and she answers the following as top three.

  1. Shop second hand. Good for both the environment, your wallet and the chance to find unique things.
  2. I love lamps and think most people have far too few. Don't forget lighting and work in levels, ie both ceilings, floors, windows, walls and cozy lamps.
  3. Dare to decorate as you like and don’t think abouts trends. What do you want to feel in your home / specific room? Maybe you want to feel calm in your bedroom, then think about what makes you calm? Etc.

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