Game Sing Sing 3

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Karaoke, minus the TV screen, plus competitiveness. Part two. A sequel to the hit game based on the legendary Sing Sing karaoke bar in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Sing Sing 3 is a fully-updated, new and improved version of Sing Sing – same format, same rules, and it's based on much, much more of the music you love. Like before, the entire game hinges on you and your friends being able to remember not only the first or most famous line of a number of popular songs, but also the line that comes right after it. Get this right, bellow it tunefully across the table at the other team, repeat several times – and win.



Game Sing Sing 3



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It's like a giant Spotify playlist full of absolute party bangers that you truly love and *might* know well enough to sing word-for-word, but in card form. Capitalize on your obsession with music and addiction to popular culture. Take a trip down memory lane. And, baby, don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more.

300 song cards
1 rulebook



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