Grandpa x Paradisverkstaden

Under our in-house brand Grandpa Goods we have released a collection of ceramics in collaboration with Paradisverkstan from Öland. The collection has a modern feel to it, combined with a 60's flair. Grandpa's designer Susanna Månsson has worked with form and proportion and Paradisverkstaden has contributed with their craftsmanship in glazing and production. The collaboration was first launched in August 2019.

Paradisverkstaden was established in 1975 by Eva and Olof Paradis. Since then, their spacious and beautiful workshop has turned into a landmark at Öland. The workshop is in a transition where the couple's daughters Hannah and Moa are taking over the business. They both share a background working and studying applied art.

”We love working with new designers; It lets us connect to new audiences. We want everyone to experience the beautiful versatility of clay; how it can take on so many shapes and textures. The results of working with new designers are always exciting and often surprise and inspire both us and our customers. Grandpa stands for sustainability, thoughtfulness and timeless designs - just like us.”

— Hannah Paradis, partner at Paradisverkstaden

“They’ve got an impressive level of craftsmanship, and together we’ve created a collection that represents everything Grandpa Goods stands for - timelessness with a touch of the 60ties. It’s been something of a dream come true to work at Paradisverkstaden's inspiring studio and see their skilled artisans making our products. I’m truly honoured and proud of this collaboration.”

— Susanna Månsson, Art Director at Grandpa and designer of this collaboration

The main glaze is a green-grey mix that contains iron; this creates a very nice expression when burnt. Select pieces of the collection are also available in two accents: graphite grey and terra cotta. It’s produced in a sand-colored, grainy clay dotted with lava stains that melt into the glaze in a beautiful manner.