Care & Repair

Grandpa was founded in 2003 with the ambition to create "something more than just a store" - an inspiring place with great atmosphere and personal service. Right from the start, sustainability became a given part of that, and over the years it’s remained an important aspect of how we go about everything we do at Grandpa. That being said, we’re not perfect and our work with sustainability is something that we’re constantly looking to refine further.

Our take on sustainability is essentially based on offering an assortment of qualitative, well-produced, and timeless pieces made under good production conditions. Yet, nothing is as sustainable as the products we use a lot, for a long time. Taking good care of, and repairing, our clothes is an incredibly sustainable way to consume fashion - and this, we want to encourage more people to do. We want everything we sell to live a long and happy life!

This ambition has resulted in the launch of Care & Repair.

Our Care & Repair service will allow us to take responsibility for our products, even after they’ve left our hands and landed in yours. Thereby, our Care & Repair is much more than a great service to our customers and members of Grandpa Social Club*; it is also our way of offering smarter consumption as well as products with a long lifetime and as little negative impact on the environment as possible.

Care & Repair will be available in all our concept stores (except the one located in Stockholm Quality Outlet), and there you will of course also find Garment Care products from brands like Steamery and Attire Care. In our digital Care Guide, you can also read more about materials and clothing care.

*Repairs and minor adjustments such as hemming jeans/chinos is free for all members of Grandpa Social Club.


How much does it cost to get something repaired?

If you’re a member of Grandpa Social Club, all repairs and hemming of jeans/trousers are free. If you’re not a member, the prices below apply:

Hemming of jeans/chinos: 200 SEK

Mending holes in jeans/chinos: 300 SEK

New button for shirt/pants: 50 SEK

New button for jeans: 100 SEK

Replacing zipper in pants: 200 SEK


What kind of garments do you accept?

All items that have worn out due to use, or trousers and jeans that need hemming.

How long does it take to repair a garment or hem a pair of jeans/chinos?

About 2-7 days, depending on the type of repair and our workload. Hemming jeans is quicker and, if you’re lucky, it may be done the same day!

What happens if I want to repair a garment that was not purchased at Grandpa?

Initially, we only repair items purchased at Grandpa.

Do you only do repairs, or other adjustments too?

As it stands, we repair garments and ensure they get the lifespan they deserve, as well as make simple adjustments such as hemming jeans/chinos.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the repair?

If you have specific requirements for how the repair should look, make sure to bring that up prior to the repair. However, if you think we did a poor (or ugly) repair, we will take responsibility and find a solution.

Is it possible to have Grandpa patches sewn on?

Yes, of course! (If we have any in stock)

Do I pay for the repair of garments that have broken due to poor quality?

If it’s a valid complaint, meaning it’s not broken due to wear and tear, you do not have to pay for the repair.