Grandpa x Stanley

Grandpa x Stanley

Grandpa x Stanley. We love Stanley. We have been working with Stanley for more than 10 years and we know it´s the best stuff out there. We assure you. Stanley is, simply put: Approved by Grandpa!

What we sell must withstand wear and tear with both eye and hand. Products with high usability. Quality is key. And no other brand represents this as much as Stanley. We also believe in a life filled with contrasts and we have one foot in the city and the other in the woods. And for this, Stanley is the perfect partner!

Kim, Ronja and Benjamin

In the movie, you´ll meet our three store managers Kim from Malmö, Ronja from Gothenburg, and Benjamin from Stockholm. They represent Grandpa and the way we use the Classic Trigger Action Travel Mug daily. On our way to work, on our way from work, and on the weekends. We normally only sell Stanley in the classic colour “Hammertone Green”. But for this collab, we have expanded the range for the Trigger Action Mug with two more colours that have a Grandpa feeling - Hammertone Blue and Wine. Each colour represents one Store/City. For Malmö, we chose “Wine”, for Gothenburg we used “Hammertone Green” and Stockholm got “Hammertone Blue”. But all three colours are available in all three stores. Which one's your favourite?

Quality is key. And no other brand represents this as much as Stanley.


Chunky Alpaca Beanie Navy

396 DKK

Midi Curie Black/Silver

3 295 DKK