Grandpa x Smålands skinnmanufaktur

Grandpa Goods is our in-house brand at Grandpa. Under this brand, we´re creating durable and sustainable products, with total control over the production chain. Smålands Skinnmanufaktur is a design studio with its own production line in Småland. They’re very particular about their environmental impact, and only use leather from the world’s only organically certified tannery: Tärnsjö Garveri.

This collaboration focuses on keeping the items you bring with you every day in a good condition by providing a beautiful and durable protection. The collection consists of a case for glasses, a notebook case in two sizes, a card holder, a key holder, a laptop case and finally a minimalistic tote bag to keep it all in. SSMs design, craftsmanship and local production combined with Grandpa's sense of style and details make way for world-class products. These are products that you can for years to come, and with time they age beautifully.

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