Existential Crisis in February - Inspiration


Existential Crisis in February

This month represent the absolute bottom. As the tenth cold this year puts the final nail in the coffin where our New Year’s promises now resides we’ve finally been reduced from form to function. Commuting to work like withered flowers, all while the sun has been reduced to a fictional character from everyone else's Instagram.

We don’t care that it’s superficial, unspiritual or whatever - here’s a remedy starting from the outside in: listening to inspiring on-the-grind music and wearing clothes that express the fact that we actually still have an identity. 

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Carré Rayé Corrida/Milk
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Carré Rayé Rich Navy/Milk
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Sweat Héritage  Aquilla
Sustainable choice
Fluz Vetiver
50 EUR25 EUR
Sustainable choice
Ace T-shirt Bright White
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