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It all started in the back of a van...

On a surfing and skiing trip through California, Rumpl's founder slept in a van, several miles up a dirt road near a hot spring. They woke up the next morning in minus degrees with a car that did not want to start. Without cell phone coverage and far away from the nearest town, they decided to lie down in their sleeping bags and drink whiskey while waiting for someone to show up.
Minutes turned into hours and the conversation took an unexpected turn to be about bedding. They decided to create a "sleeping bag blanket" and the idea for the first Rumpl product was born.

One of the brand's core values ​​is to "see the future responsibly" and think about the value in every business decision they make. All Rumpl's blankets are made from 100% recycled material and they now recycle over 5 million discarded plastic bottles every year.