Feuerhand Lamp Oil


7.50 USD

Feuerhand Lamp Oil is ideal fuel for your Baby Special 276 Hurricane Lantern. Due to the high purity of the liquid fuel the wick can saturate optimally, thus prolonging durability of the lantern wick. Also, the Lamp Oil burns almost smoke-free. The colourless and odourless liquid fuel ensures for an especially even flame and provides your Baby Special 276 a particularly long burn time of up to 20 hours with only one tankful.



Feuerhand Lamp Oil



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Suitable for all High-Pressure Lamps and paraffin lanterns.

Capacity: 1 L
Dimensions (W x H x D): 8.5 x 26.5 x 8.5 cm

High-quality, highly pure liquid fuel without colorants or fragrances. Odourless and low-soot combustion in operation of Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern. Optimum saturation of cotton wick for longer durability and an even flame. Spill-free filling thanks to integrated filler neck Safe use and storage due to child safety lock and lid The seal with integrated child safety lock prevents spilling and undesired opening. That way, the Lamp Oil can be stored and used safely. The filler neck at the bottle eases clean and spill-free filling of your Hurricane Lantern via the tank opening.

The Feuerhand Lamp Oil supports the durability of your Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern and provides for long-lasting light at your outdoor place of well-being.