Card Wallet Natural Leather

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Card Wallet in thick natural vegetable tanned leather from Tärnsjö Garveri in Uppland, Sweden. Cut and sewn in Smålandsskinnmanufaktur's factory outside Jönköping. The card holder contains four standard-size cards.


Natural Leather

Card Wallet Natural Leather



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Measurements: 10x7cm

The accessories are made of natural leather where small marks and shifts may occur. When exposed to sunlight vegetable tanned leather will change tone of color, get darken and soften over time and develop a beautiful patina. If you like the natural look, you do not need to treat the leather. If you want to give the leather protection against water stains without affecting the natural color, leather spray can provide a protective surface. If you want the leather to have a nice even, darker shade, organic leather conditioner is an alternative.When you buy one of these products, it is something you can use every day, all your life and that only gets more beautiful over the years.



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