Falcon Medium Salad Bowl Pigeon Grey

Falcon Enamelware

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Good size bowl to serve salad in for the family or use as a fruit bowl. Made of durable steel with thick enamel for extra durability. We think that it's stylish classic and very nice.


Pigeon Grey

Falcon Medium Salad Bowl Pigeon Grey
Falcon Medium Salad Bowl Pigeon Grey



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Medium salad bowl has a diameter of 26 cm and is 5.5 cm deep.

Oven safe up to 270C
Dishwasher safe
Can be frozen
Suitable for gas and electric hobs
Not safe for microwave
Free of chemicals (PTFE & PFOA)


Falcon Enamelware is made from a porcelain enamel which is a powdered glass bonded onto steel. If a product is dropped/hit against something the porcelain will chip as it is just glass fused onto metal. The metal core will never break but chips cannot be avoided. The products should be treated with the same care as glass and porcelain. All of the materials used in Falcon Enamelware products are non-toxic and are still safe to use even in the event of the enamel chipping and exposure of the steel.