Systrarna Perssons skafferi

Roos & Tegnér

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The sisters Persson's pantry was founded in a challenge where the sisters Persson (Malin and Linda) for a year would replace imported food with what nature around them had to offer.

This is a dreamy and enchanting book to get lost in. Fantastic images from all seasons and beautiful environments make it easy to get inspired. It spreads a desire and joy to go out into nature and to take a step away from synthetic scents and flavours via irresistible recipes exciting tinctures and modern creations in harmony with nature.

"We want to inspire more to go out into nature to take those much-needed micro-breaks and build your own sustainable pantry" says Malin.



Systrarna Perssons skafferi



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Format: Hardcover
Authors: Malin and Linda Persson
Language: Swedish
Number of pages: 156
Publisher: Roos & Tegner

Dimensions: 268 x 198 x 20 mm
Weight: 746 g


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