Ballograf Epoca Deskset Ljung


16 EUR

A pen that is hard to lose, but easy to love – ever since 1961. Desk Set was created so that banks and post offices would not lose so many pens. Today, this design classic has joined the pantheon of design and is being discovered by new generations – it’s still handy to have a pen that you always know where to find.



Ballograf Epoca Deskset Ljung



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- Made in Sweden
- Ballpoint pen
- Classic design
- 8000 meter of ink

The bank pen, the reception pen, the desk pen – or simply the Ballograf. Today, this Swedish-made classic is sold in design stores all over the world. You can even find it in MoMA – the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Desk Set is available in several colours and designs. The pen is supplied with blue ink that has the strict Svenskt Arkiv certification and lasts for a whole 8,000 metres, nine times longer than the average pen. Then you simply replace the cartridge. This is a sustainable design classic in the true sense of the word.