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Grandpa Anders’ Gift Exchange

Anders is one of the founders of Grandpa and goes by the nickname “Farfar” - which “incidentally” translates to Grandpa. We’ve considered renaming him “Elf” though, as that’s really more in line with his character. He’s even got his own workshop! This is where he bunkers down, brings out the torch and makes most of the furniture for our stores. Unlike Elves he’s not really that productive though, he prefers talking. If you’re in a hurry: do not make eye contact! Grandpa Elf Anders enjoys the company of others, and one of his favorite social Christmas pastimes is the gift exchange game. This is where you exchange or play for Christmas gifts with friends or colleagues. Since you don’t really know who’ll end up getting your present, there’s no point in spending too much, right? So here’s Anders’ best low budget gift advice!

Anders’ gift advice:

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