Good Products Only

Good Products Only

We proudly present this years first drop of news in our Life Store. As always, our selection consists of Good Products Only. And also as always, the lack of a common thread in our assortment is our common thread. Well, beside “Good Products Only” that is. And with that we mean quality, usability, timeless design and sustainable production!


We are proud to be part of HAY´s global “Crate Collection” release. Initially designed to make use of surplus wooden shipping crates by Dutch architect and designer Gerrit Rietveld in 1934, the iconic Crate Collection has been relaunched in the Rietveld Originals x HAY collaboration. We stock the Crate Lounge Chair and the Crate Low Table in Nature with the supplemented Crate Cushion in Anthracite. Crafted in solid pine, with a water-based lacquered finish, the Crate Lounge Chair is suitable for a wealth of outdoor settings.

For the immensely popular Color Crates, HAY has now developed “Color Crate Lid”, which makes the Crates even more usable. As a small side table or for more secret storage. Made in powder coated steel in colors that match the crates.

Lemmel & Podsol

Swedish brand Lemmel is all about “Kokkaffe” which would translate into English as “Boiling coffee”, a popular way of making coffee in the Northern parts of Sweden, especially outdoors. Lemmel urges us all to go outdoors and to shut up and let the silence speak for itself.

This is the first time for us working with Lemmel despite the fact we have a lot of things in common. We are both happy and proud to stock their Coffee Akka Eko - an extra dark roasted coffee. We also stock “Svärtan” - a coffee pan with a case made out of 100% Scandinavian bovine leather. We also have “The Apron April” and their wonderful Lambswool blanket “Dilemmat”.

If Lemmel is all about “Boiling coffee”, Podsol is all about Fly fishing. Now we´re talking niche interests… Podsol has made a good-looking collab together with Sandqvist which we now are a proud reseller of together with two really nice caps. The collab consists of two products. First a roll top backpack called “Beatis” and is made of 100% recycled heavy-duty water-resistant polyester with leather patch accents and waterproof TPU coating on the bottom. Second the Utility Sling Back Rhodani in the same material. In addition to these two bags we also carry two great looking caps.

Well, time for you to embrace your inner fly fisherman.


Wallbaby is a Swedish premium poster company founded in 2021 by the photographers Pierre and Eveline. It’s born out of love of art and passion for interior design. Wallbaby creates future heirlooms and long-term love affairs with their heart-stealing posters. The posters are made in collaboration with Swedish and international illustrators and photographers. Wallbaby uses paper known as the most climate friendly paper in the world for their posters! It’s made from Swedish trees using renewable energy.

Together with Wallbaby, Grandpa has made an exclusive selection of 15 posters, available only at Grandpa.